Seal Coating Services in Colorado Springs

Seal coat is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, emulsified asphalt resurfacing product. Our professional crew will thoroughly clean then apply seal coat. We use a combination spray/squeegee buggy that has hand brush squeegees to apply at the edges for a clean line. It is applied wet then dries with warm, dry weather.
Seal coating helps asphalt in several ways. It seals the asphalt to help prevent oxidation as well as keep water, oils, and other chemicals from soaking in and speeding up the aging process. It also keeps the natural oils in the asphalt allowing it to remain flexible for a longer period of time. Furthermore, it gives the asphalt a smooth surface that makes cleaning, striping, and snow-shoveling much easier. It will give the asphalt the same deep black look that it had when it was new. Seal coats are designed for parking lots, driveways, mobile home parks, airports, apartments, walk paths, etc. Be sure to contact us for your Colorado Springs seal coating needs!

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